The Company

In 1911, in Chiasso, Giovanni Züst (1887-1976), entrepreneur and philantropist, founded the shipping company Züst & Bachmeier.

The love for Fine Art is in Züst & Bachmeier DNA: back in 1966 our founder, philantropist and collector Giovanni Züst, decided to donate his personal collection to the city of Rancate, in the Canton of TicinoThis donation contributed to the opening of the Pinacoteca Cantonale Giovanni Züst art gallery, still open today and hosting during the year different exhibition of local artists from the XVII and XIX centuries.

Thanks to our constant commitment to Fine Arts transportation, we are pioneer in this sector and members of the ICEFAT, International Convention of Exhibition and Fine Arts Transport, a network composed by the best specialists in Fine Art transport, that guarantees high standard quality services, that are regularly checked.

Fine Arts transport requires particular attention, and a know-how that differs from normal goods transport. Thanks to  the aquired knowledge and skills, our Fine Arts team will be able to indentify the best suitable and secured way to transport your artworks, from and to Europe and the rest of the world.

Our Fine Arts transport includes a range of extra services:

  • Design and manifacture of transportation cases
  • Fine Arts Formalities
  • Import Export Customs Clearance
  • Artwork Status Check
  • Artwork Cataloging
  • All Risks Insurance
  • Courier Services

To find out more about our transport services visit Züst & Bachmeier Sa.