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Biennale dell'Immagine


Züst & Bachmeier is among the sponsors of the eleventh edition of the Biennale dell’Immagine which takes place from 5 October to 8 December 2019 at the Spazio Officina in Chiasso.

Swiss and international photographers explore and interpret the CRASH theme. CRASH wants to tell a world of contradictions, of opposite positions, of complex movements, which inevitably result in a collision.

The Bienniale is articulated between different locations: the Spazio Officina proposes a journey through the shots of the Ukrainian photographer Boris Mikhailov with the exhibition entitled “TEMPTATION OF DEATH“; the Sala Diego Chiesa in which the black and white photographs of the policeman and Swiss photographer Arnold Odermatt are exhibited, previously presented with great success at the Venice Biennale in 2001. It continues with the photography students of the renowned ECAL – Ecole cantonale d’art of Lausanne, who manifest their dreams with an outdoor exhibition, in Piazza dei Colori (in Via Soave); Chiasso Culture in movimento participates in the Biennale of Image with a creation by the Swiss artist Aline d’Auria that involved some immigrant citizens in Chiasso from Eastern European countries. On the other hand the m.a.x. Museum dedicates its exhibition to the father of Italian advertising poster with an exhibition entitled Marcello Dudovich (1878 – 1962) and photography, a graphic journey in the advertising of the first half of the twentieth century. The Cons Arc gallery opens its exhibition spaces to Karin Borghouts, the Belgian artist who dedicated her career to exploring the architectural environment, with a style that combines visual art and photography.

Furthermore, for this eleventh edition, the Biennale dell’Immagine will collaborate with Frequenze: an initiative designed to strengthen the economy of Chiasso and in particular of Corso San Gottardo. For the occasion, the Frequenze spaces will host galleries and art associations temporarily away from the whole Canton.

Other exhibitions are scheduled in Mendrisio, Ligornetto, Bruzella and in various municipalities of the italian part of Switzerland: there are over 20 public and private exhibition spaces, each with a different and original perspective on the CRASH theme. An interesting program of meetings, screenings and seminars accompanies the exhibition program.

On the website www.biennaleimmagine.ch all the details of the program.

Züst & Bachmeier is proud to support initiatives in our Ticino area through the sponsorship of the Bienniale dell’Imaggine Association – Abi which aims to spread the culture of photography, the arts and contemporary media as tools for reading reality.


Züst & Bachmeier is a sponsor of the competition started by MOA – Master of Arts Foundation, for the event Pitti Uomo 2019, with title “Body Diversity“.

Body Diversity contest will select and award digital artworks that are the expression of new and original interpretations of the human body.

The competition, open to young European artists under the age of 30, received a broad consensus and the works received for the selection come from all EU countries.

The jury that evaluated the works is composed of the journalist Laura Antonini and the director of The Players Simone Gismondi, Luca Rizzi Tutoring & Consulting Director and the photographers Settimio Benedusi and Matteo Montanari. Asia Sbrugnera, decreed winner of the contest on the 12th of June, will receive a check worth 8,000 euros to invest in her artistic activity.

Züst & Bachmeier fully shares the philosophy of Master of Arts that can be summarised with “Art brings us together”.

Details can be found on the Foundation website: www.moaconceptfoundation.com/body-diversity-contest


Züst & Bachmeier is the technical sponsor of the exhibition “Splendours of the eighteenth century on Lake Como: Villa Carlotta and the Marquis Clerici” open from the 22nd of June to the 3rd of November 2019.
Villa Carlotta once more explores its origins, this time with anexhibition that revolves around Baroque paintings, that belong to the Villa’s heritage and represent the most important testimony of the Como lake and of the Clerici’s commitment to art.

Züst & Bachmeier is proud to sustain local activities and to collaborate with a prestigious entity such as Villa Carlotta.

Visit the website: Villa Carlotta

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Züst & Bachmeier is among the supporters of m.a.x. musuem og Chiasso, a few meters away from us.

The m.a.x. museum, inaugurated on 12 November 2005 on the initiative of the Max Huber-Kono Foundation of Chiasso, has been a public institution of the Municipality of Chiasso since 2010.

The m.a.x. museum’s mission is to disseminate a knowledge of graphics, design, photography and contemporary visual communication.

The term “graphic design” refers to the field of artistic production devoted to the design and creation of visual communication products, in particular graphic design and graphic art (or historical graphic design).

The m.a.x. museum’s aspiration is to build a bridge between the past and the new generations of graphic artists and designers.

Visit our website: m.a.x. museo